Helping the strata community navigate their building concerns
Most common building concerns
  • Water ingress
  • Remedial repairs and maintenance
  • Building defects including structural and combustible cladding


Sedgwick has the expertise and resources to assist with the whole process — from identification and reporting to the scoping of works and management of projects from start to finish.

We specialise in:

  • Causation – forensic engineering
  • Scope of works
  • Tender management
  • Project management
  • Defect assessment/identification


Forensic building reports
Sedgwick’s team of qualified and experienced building consultants inspect domestic, commercial, industrial and strata buildings to accurately identify the cause of building damage. Following an inspection, we provide our clients with a clear and consistently formatted report outlining relevant legislation, standards and regulations.

Scope of works
A ‘scope of works’ is a critical document outlining the extent of work to be undertaken. In some instances this document can be more generalised document, however more often than not it includes a detailed quantified list of building components that require repair and/or replacement, usually outlined on a room‐by‐room or area by‐ area basis. Using the scope of works, strata owners can then distinguish resultant damage, building defects and maintenance requirements, ensuring they have all the information required to manage building cost reinstatement using accurate and transparent quoting information and minimise scope creep.

Dilapidation and risk surveys
Our expert team can provide a point in time inspection either pre and/or post construction works that are planned to take place adjacent to a strata property. Our building reports provide insight into the condition of the building at the time of the assessment, to identify any pre‐existing building related issues. The report can then be used as a point of reference following the completion of building works to identify potential resultant damage.

Dispute mediation and expert witness
We have experience managing specific issues that arise during disputes with other parties (e.g. builders/developers, other owners etc). Our team can produce a report showcasing findings compliant with the ‘Expert Witness Code of Conduct’, a legal consumer tribunal requirement for each state, territory and court of law in Australia.

Contractor procurement and cost validation
Our building consultants can conduct tender appraisals to provide owners with a comprehensive analysis report from a measured scope of works which includes a detailed estimate or trade‐by‐trade comparison of each quote. If requested, these appraisals can also include a forecast of project construction time and a recommendation of best value tender. Our management of the tendering process includes contractor selection, evaluation of all submissions and final assessment for a contactor to be appointed.

Construction management
We provide expertise for the strata industry to those requiring construction/project management solutions. Project management of remedial work requires a high degree of technical expertise to ensure issues are dealt with appropriately. Our highly qualified team specialise in bridging the gap between builders and owners that often exists with more complex projects. We understand that each project is different and as such has unique requirements, which is why we offer a range of project management solutions to suit a wide range of client requirements.

Capital works funds/maintenance plans
Our capital works funds and maintenance plans goes beyond the often adopted desktop approach to ensure the correct detail is collected through on site assessment, documentation review and consultation with the owners. We work to gain a full understanding of each strata plan, it’s nuances and long term needs to provide a true and accurate capital works fund/maintenance plan. Sedgwick works with owners as a trusted advisor to not only meet your five year regulatory requirements, but also to collaborate with the facility manager and/or building manager on an annual basis to review any considerations that need to be factored in for the past 12 months.

Façade assessments
We have partnered with an Artificial Intelligence building inspections provider to launch the first digitised commercial building façade survey and assessment system in the Australian market. The system combines sophisticated imaging and positional technology with an autonomous electro-mechanical device allowing a building to be scanned to meet compliance and regulatory requirements along with monitoring the condition and safety of the building envelope. It can be used for:
  • Construction defect management
  • Warranty and defect liability inspections
  • Due diligence as part of the sales and acquisition process
  • Monitoring of maintenance opex and capex management

Emergency make safe
Our specialist teams around Australia are available 24/7 to assist with any emergency and building trade needs. Sedgwick’s emergency trade response (ETS) extends to our strata clients facing an emergency situation. Our team is available to assist with the management and/or remediation of repairs. In addition to our 24/7 customer service team, our skilled strata adjusters are also on hand to assist with the assessment of any strata related claim.

Fire water damage restoration
Our qualified and experienced restoration experts can expertly return domestic, commercial or industrial contents and building to their pre‐loss condition following exposure, inundation or damage due to water or fire.

Leak detection
Our leak detection service provides traditional and advanced inspection techniques including CCTV, sonar and infrared technologies. Our expertise and technology solutions enable us to accurately determine the source of water or moisture issues. Results are presented in a professional, easy to understand report.

Contamination response
Our team of specialist hygienists, environmental professionals and remediation contractors can conduct site inspection assessments on domestic, commercial or industrial sites suspected to be affected by hazardous contaminants. We can assist with such hazards as:
  • asbestos
  • lead‐based paints
  • mould
  • illegal drug manufacture (including methamphetamine)

  • Defect identification/building repairs
    We have experience providing both preliminary defect assessments and defect reporting for legal purposes/tribunal lodgement. The purpose of the report is to identify and understand any given defect/s and what the next steps /avenues are in managing either remedial works, litigation/legal advice and/or the obligations of the developer, builder and/or Body Corporate . We assist owners from the beginning of the remedial repair process right through to completion.

    Combustible cladding
    We assist clients with the identification of combustible cladding through to the project management of the removal and replacement of combustible cladding in compliance with Australian Standards relevant to each state or territory. Our project management services engage with all necessary stakeholders to assist owners through the remedial repair process.

    Cost validation services
    We provide clients with a desktop cost validation service on building repair related activities. This team consists of highly experienced experts with extensive construction expertise and numerous trade qualifications. Their detailed knowledge of building and the requirements of Australian Standards allow us to call into question building repair methodology and construction costs. We ensure:
    • Quotes are fair and reasonable for the scope to which they subscribe
    • Are in line with current market rates and
    • Provide a quality a cost‐effective solution that will resolve the building issues presented

    Insurance valuations
    Our quantity surveying team also provide M2 elemental reports which estimate the total ‘value at risk’ of a property assists in verifying the adequacy of the sum insured for the purpose of applying an insurance/underinsurance clause. This allows us to customise our services to incorporate the individual unique attributes of any strata plan. We understand the complexities and/or nuances that form the foundation of these sorts of assets.


    More than 1 in 6 Australians live in strata-titled properties

    In NSW 80% of new apartments may suffer from serious building defects

    Since 2010, Sedgwick has assisted with building concerns on over 80,000 properties


    Technology driven solutions for strata buildings

    Due to changing times and the requirements of our clients, we have adopted innovative methods to complete our site inspections. Our core services are forensic building inspections for identifying defects, conducting condition surveys, costing activities and project management of remedial projects. We are turning the tide on how we do business through the progression of technology and its integration into our day-to-day operations and have the expertise and resources to assist with the whole strata process. Read more

    Latent defect insurance – Resilience reinsurance

    In response to the high volume of Australian apartment buildings presenting serious defects, Resilience Insurance introduced Australia’s first Latent Defects Insurance (LDI). LDI is a game-changing property insurance for homeowners and strata communities designed specifically for high-rise residential properties. iCIRT-rated developers can earn additional financial benefits, further protecting consumers with a 10-year insurance policy. Read more

    Training for strata managers

    Working with strata managers, Sedgwick customise training to improve their understanding of specific topics, including:

    • Understanding different types of construction
    • Dealing with water ingress/leaking buildings
    • Preparing scopes of works and highlighting benefits of having a clear/detailed scope of works and pitfalls of not having one
    • Remedial/capital works programs and how best to approach them
    • 10-year maintenance plans and getting it right
    • Cost management/verification/value for money
    • Managing insurance claims
    • Combustible cladding



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